How to Connect to IPMI SuperMicro or Dell iDrac Virtual Console with Java on Debian, FreeBSD, and Windows

I have a FreeBSD bare metal server with One-Provider as an unmanaged service and they do not provide the option to install FreeBSD. I found a way to convert Debian to FreeBSD using mfslinux and mfsbsd but found out the IPMI console allowed download and install of FreeBSD. I forgot about it but now I need IPMI access again and here is what worked ...

  1. Download JDK 1.7u80
  2. Install JDK
  3. Configure Java for lowest security level and all versions of TLS
  4. Enable all versions of TLS in Firefox
  5. Login to Service Provider, Get Credentials, Open SuperMicro IPMI Control Panel
  6. Navigate to Console Redirection and Launch Console
  7. Download the file, save the file do not run it, it may loop if opened with a browser.
  8. Run from command line with javaws or use File Explorer and use Open With javaws.exe.


You do not need to download an old browser. Do not use the browser to launch the JNLP file, launch directly with javaws. Some newer browsers will loop if you try to open the JNLP file directly. Just use the browser to download and save the file.

Download Java 1.7u80

I used instructions for using Java 1.8 but this didn't work and after much frustration One-Provider tech support told me to use Java 1.7u80. Setup an account with Oracle and download jdk-7u80-linux-x64.tar.gz or which ever version you need for your platform.